About us
E.C.S. was founded in 1970. It was the brainchild of Carlo Del Grosso, who is in fact the father of the first Italian Numerical Control (NC). This Control was created in 1962, and was used in machine tools of various types, winning widespread praise during the many years it was on sale. The company, with Mr. Del Grosso as its Managing Director from the very start, had the aim of designing, making, installing and servicing controls for machine tools. The new controls designed at E.C.S. were based on dedicated computers, developed specifically for the new needs and new programs that were unable to express their full potential with the machines available at that time. These were based on obsolete technology that did not allow machining speeds up to the standards requested by designers and the needs of a market that already had great expectations and requirements.
The development staff at E.C.S. have considered all the technology found in this sector today, and have even gone beyond it. It is not sufficient to merely implement the best technology currently available: our involvement must go a step further, and the definition of parameters for new development must necessarily take into account and pursue excellence. Thanks to its experience, E.C.S. has put a great deal of energy into the design of the new range of products. It has reviewed every design aspect and perfected the methods and techniques used for planning, development and manufacture. The choice of the best components, their testing, and the made-to-measure preparation of elements to be integrated during production of the new controls are some of the aspects that help provide the market with truly innovative, reliable and high-performance elements. With the 900 series, E.C.S. achieves these goals, and can truly present the market with a new concept in CNC, aiming at functionality, reliability and the ability to be used by the widest possible number of companies and operators. Since 2018 ECS middle east operate in dubai, support and service all around UAE.